Causes of bleeding gums

Gingival bleeding: bleeding gums caused by main reasons: gingivitis, periodontitis, systemic disease, AIDS, and other vascular tumors and trauma. Normal healthy gums are pink, texture, tough and elastic, brushing teeth or eating when not bleeding eye, even brushing force does not cause bleeding.
If you suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis, tooth surface will accumulate plaque, the bacteria in plaque produce many harmful metabolites, along the tooth tissue damage, inflammation of the gum tissue, gum will lose their normal color and shape, becomes inflamed soft. Bleed easily. The existence of a number of local incentives, such as calculus, poor restorations, mouth breathing, food impaction, etc., can also cause tooth plate bleeding.
Some of the hematopoietic system diseases, such as leukemia, aplastic anemia, thrombocytopenia purpura, hemophilia can have spontaneous bleeding tooth sister; vitamin c deficiency disease and what bad bleeding gums and gingivitis and its early stage of prominent symptoms; AIDS patients with HIV-related periodontal disease is as linear gingival erythema, necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis, necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis, also accompanied by bleeding gums.
Sik patient who reduced resistance due to the body, periodontal tissue changes, often the symptoms of bleeding gums. Hormone changes, such as puberty, menstruation, pregnancy endocrine changes may also lead to tooth pregnant bleeding.
Some patients, especially young people, in the teeth of a sister on a long soft, dark red mass, touched on the bleeding, and the neighboring teeth loose, to be alert to whether the central hemangioma, which is a bleeding ferocious disease, life-threatening, must go to the hospital for examination and treatment professionals.
Some injuries, such as brushing your teeth too hard and improper use of dental floss toothpick, food excellent and so can damage the gums caused by bleeding, with a clear history of trauma, you should find the site of injury and damage factors coincide.
If the lack of knowledge on bleeding gums, bleeding is due simply think brushing teeth too hard, and therefore not a good brushing or ignored, over time, the disease will gradually increase.
Bleeding gums is periodontal disease and systemic disease in the gum tissue often occurs on a symptom. Periodontal disease gingivitis, periodontitis, cursory Yagan, capillary hemangioma gums, gum cancer, etc.; systemic diseases There are various blood diseases, some gynecological and endocrine-related diseases, rare and vitamin c deficiency disease, hereditary telangiectasia, fever diseases.
Treatment: Systemic bleeding gums should address the cause of the disease to be treated, the following describes only the local causes of bleeding gums simple therapy:
1 should be for different reasons, such as prevention and treatment of gingivitis, bleeding gums, periodontal disease, etc., as long as the attention to oral hygiene, diligent brush our teeth, remove tartar and bad teeth embedded complement physical stimulation, eliminate plaque and repaired or not suitable for re-adjust dentures, fixed loose teeth, each tooth occlusal adjustment, it can be cured.
(2) Other treatment of periodontitis
(A) 3 per day immediately after a meal with a soft bristle toothbrush, so two “3”, ie 3 times a day, every minute and requires vertical brush brush, or after meals with warm light salt water gargle.
(2) gum locally available 3% hydrogen peroxide or 0.1% potassium permanganate solution, rinse, dry, the cover with iodine glycerin.
(3) raw watermelon seed 50-100 grams, decoction, to cure tooth and gum bleeding.
(4) lime, sugar equal parts, mixed research uniform, take a little wrap the affected area, can cure bleeding teeth and dental nosebleed.
(5) hair ginger, foxglove, habitat 15 grams, eggs, a decoction, eggs soup, periodontitis can cure bleeding gums.

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COXO Root Canal Treatment Instrument

Now we will Introduction the coxo root canal treatent instrument

Before use, please read the security instruction carefully

for which is able to facilitate the users to make good use of

this instrument.


1. This unit must be used as the user’s guide mentions, not for other purp-ose. Please refer to the usage instruction strictly. We won’t take the re-sponsibility for the damage caused by improper use.

2. Before using the main power, make sure the power voltage is according with the adaptor voltage range. Improper input voltage will damage the unit and cause danger to the operator or the patient.

3. Do not drag the wire which connects to the endo motor emphatically. Or it would be broke or be loosened and then affect the natural use.

4. Please use the original accessories, such as: endo motor, adaptor,and battery. We won’ t take the responsibility to any problem or dama- ge caused by using other parts which are not supplied by us.

5. To avoid electric shock, don’t insert any other parts into the unit ; it may cause electric shock or damage.

6. Avoid the detergent go into the unit, in case that causes the short circuit or problem.

7. Please turn off the instrument at once when something wrong with it.

It’s not allowed to modify the unit at any condition. Any disassembling or modification will cause the invalidation of the guarantee.

8. Please use the intact standard file. Or it would cause damage to the p- atient while working.

9. The instrument has an electromagnetism disturbance. When there is a patient who is using the cardiac pacemaker, or there is an electronic op- eration, please don’t put the machine around.

10. Unstable voltage and if it’s in electromagnetic environment will inte- rfere the normal operation.

11. When discard the accessories, please abide with the local regulation, if necessary, contact our service center to recover it.

12. This unit just for the user of professionals.

Ⅱ Intended use and features


C-Smart is the supplementary root-canal treatment device

which can assist the dentists to shape more standard root-canal

in the process of root-canal treatment .


The features are as follows:

1. 9 settings for adjustable rotational speed ranging from 125 to 625rpm.

2. Drive-1:1 contra angle is available.

3. The torque exceeds the regulated value ; the file will reve rse to avoid the break- off.

4.Easy operating with LCD screen–what you see, what you get.

5. High capacity Li-ion chargeable battery and can work with battery or adaptor.

6. Auto power off and memory function.


Standard accessory


1. Main unit 1 pcs

2. Adaptor 1 pcs

3. Motor handle 1 pcs

4 . Contra angle(CX235-1) 1 pcs

5. Foot switch 1 pcs

6. Handle base1 pcs

7. Usage manual 1 pcs

8. Torque setting card 1 pcs

ⅱ Power manage


1. Battery power


LCD displays the current battery power, the number of lattice shows more, and the power is fuller. If there is no electricity the lattice will flicker,which

means the battery power is about to run out ,at this status the beeper will ring per 3S, and unit will shut down after 60S.


2. Battery recharging

To fully recharge the battery, you should connect the unit to adaptor at least for 4 hours or more (The new battery requires at least 8 hours or more), the sign will be running during the battery charging.


Notice: when the instrument is connected to the adaptor, the beeper will beep for three times, showing the connect- ion is correct.


3. Supply by main power


Please connect instrument to adaptor when the battery power is not en-ough. When the connection is completely, the instrument will be supplied by the main power and charging the battery automatically .


4 . Automatic power off

The instrument will shut down automatically when it ceases working for

3 minutes. In that case, all display and function will stop.

Notice: When power off, the LCD will show recharging sign when charging


1. If not use for long time, please open the battery cover open and remove the battery, keep the instrument clean and store it somewhere dry and clean.

2. Parts like contra angle which have direct contact with the patient should be disinfected by autoclave each time after used.

3.The rust of the instrument and the wire should be dinfected by the ethanol.

if you want to buy this product please view Root Apex Locators page. Instruments

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Wire or wireless MD318 8 Inch Intraoral Camera

Product Feature
1.Touch 5 inch screen combined with built -in docking station function, wire or wireless could use with SD card, operate easily.
2.Lithium battery design could use  180 mins continuously, 8 inch Palmtop Screen could bend backward on the desk.
3.Virtual storage could save 31 pcs(without SD card), all will disappeared after power failure
4.The handpiece or host could freeze, quad, page up/page down and delete picture .
5.Could connect with TV, monitor with AV jack .

1.Host                                1pc
2.Card Reader                         1pc
3.2G SD card                          1pc
4.DC 9V AC Adaptor                    1pc
5.AV cable                            1pc
6.YC cable                            1pc
7.Disk                                1pc
8.User Manual                         1pc

MD318 8 Inch Palmtop Intraoral Camera wire and wireless User Manual

Before using this product, please read the following precautions and retain it
for future reference
When using this product, please put a camera sheath so as not to scratch the
lens or lens blur, or the company shall be not responsible for it.
Please shut down then plug the data lines, to ensure the normal use.
Please do not use sharp objects, metal or liquid depth or touch signal connector,to
avoid a short circuit and damage to the product.
If you have a period of time not to use this product, please unplug the power cord
Do not disassemble any part of the product, this may damage the product
Do not put pressure on it.
Please use original factory specified dedicated power charger, so as not to damage power supply.
Please unplug power supply if long time do not use it.
If the power cord or power outlet / plug is damaged, please do not use
Do not allow any object to press the power cord or signal cable
Do not place the power cord or signal cable through the aisle, or often walk to avoid line body trampled
Do not put power supply or signal cable in damp places
Operating Environment
Please put product in a dry, well-ventilated place
Please do not place this product too cold, hot, or too wet, direct sunlight, dusty place

1.1Product Introduction
Dear Users:
Thanks for your choosing our company product. Please read this manual carefully before use, this product( 8 Inch Palmtop Intraoral camera) could capture image and freeze, save into SD card and
browse. So that dentist have good analysis of the disease, enhance communication with patients, so as patients have a better understandingof their condition, improve work efficiency.

1.2.Product Configuration(Host)
2.Card Reader
3.2G SD card
4.DC 9V AC Adaptor
5.AV cable
6.YC cable
8.User Manual
1.3.Product Feature
1.Touch 5 inch screen combined with built-in docking station function,wire or wireless could use with SD card, operate easily.
2.Lithium battery design could use 180 mins continuously, 8 inch Palmtop Screen could bend backward on the desk.
3.Virtual storage could save 31 pcs(without SD card), all will disappeared after power failure.
4.The handpiece or host could freeze, quad, page up/page down and delete picture.
5.Could connect with TV, monitor with AV jack.
For wired use, you only need to connect handpiece with host backend.
Video Output jack could connect with TV or Monitor with Video port, so
that dentists understand the patient’s condition more clearly.
For wireless use, please unified sender and receiver channels,
1 to 1, 2 to 2…… otherwise, no image display.
learn more Wire or wireless MD318 8 Inch Intraoral Camera

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IntraOral Camera CF 988 Operation And Installation Manual

here about intraoral camera cf 988 Manual,CF-988 wireless intraoral camera with LCD, intraoral camera, wireless intraoral camera directly from China factory.

1. Introduction

1.1.Introduction of products
Our camera is the newest hand-held intra oral camera from us. Its lightweight design and smooth contours makes it both comfortable to hold and easy to use. Taking images with camera’s integrated capture button makes video capture a simple one-step operation. And its built-in LED light source provides reliable, long-life illumination.

1.2. Standard configuration
The Camera system hardware consists of the following components.

1. Camera                          1 piece
2. Camera Cable                    1piece
3. Camera Sheaths                  50piece
4. Disk                            1piece

1.3. Optional configuration
1. Docking station
2. Wireless Transmitter
3. Wireless Receiver
4. Pedal
5. Hand piece Holder
6. Small LCD monitor M-99

1.4. Characteristic
1/4” Sony Super HAD CCD
High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance
Compact Size, Easy to use and focus
Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED
2 or 3 keys function control
Display amazing clear images in two different viewing modes: Live and Freeze

2. Operation
2.1 Intra oral camera

1. Press option 1 the camera will be power on, then press it again, the image will be freeze in the monitor, when press option 1 with 2 seconds. The camera will be power off.
2. Choose to capture image in full screen or capture 4 images (quad)
3. Press Previous image button can check the previous image
4. Press Next image button can check the next image
5. Press Delete button can delete the images.
6, Insert the M-99 here.

2.2  Small LCD monitor (This is an optional equipment)

Dimension: 36.52(H)×27.38(V)
Resolution: 558(H)×234(V) Luminance: 250 LUX System format: PAL/NTSC Video input:  1Vpp  75Ω Voltage input: DC 5V 1.0W  Operating Temperature: :-10℃ – +60℃ Storage Temperature: -30℃ – +80℃

Operation sketch map

Remark: When switch on the camera, the LCD monitor will be light at the same time.

2.3  Wireless Transmitter

The transmitter has a power indicator that will show low medium and high power. The transmitter also has a channel selector that will select from channels 1 to 4. The power switch is located on the right side of the unit if looking from the front as shown.
As to the transmitter battery, we use lithium battery instead, the lithium battery contains light weight, it has great capacity and it is easy to take, a piece of battery can be used about 40 minutes, for charge time, we suggest that customers need to spend 6 hours to charge up the battery at the first time, when the indicator light becomes green that means the working is finished, if the indicator light becomes yellow that means users need to charge up the battery.
when connecting the receiver and docking station,  adjust the channel of receiver according to the transmitter, keep their channel the same frequency, for example, channel one according channel one

Operation sketch map

2. 5 Docking station
the above is the PAL function
the bottom is the NTSC function
the above is the wireless system
the bottom is the wired system

(3) Rear
ON/OFF: power switch
DC-5V :power input
IR :IR output
FREEZE :pedal socket
Wireless receiver’s socket
USB OUT :USB output
VIDEO OUT :Video output
VGA OUT :VGA output

(4)Wired operation sketch map.
(5) Wireless operation sketch map.
3.Manage Software Setup
A . Insert the disk. Setup should start
automatically. If it doesn’t,  click  Start,
Run, and then enter d:\setup\setup at
the command line (if your CD drive is a
letter other than “d”, use that letter
instead),please copy all the files from CD to your any hard disk.
Please click “Dental”.
4.USB 2.0 device setup
PLEASE NOTE: When you connect the camera to your computer, Windows will automatically detect this new device. Please copy all the files from CD to your any hard disk.

7. Notice
Before each usage, check the outer surface of the products for any signs of physical damage or defect. The surface of the products should have a smooth finish, with no evidence of chipping or damage .
Users must exercise every precaution to ensure personnel safety, and be familiar with the warnings
and cautions presented throughout this manual and summarized below.

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Drugs, Stimulants and Rotten Teeth

You can see them everywhere. Whether on the Internet, television or college campus, it’s easy to see the damage that drugs have on teeth. Some very popular pictures depict the effects that methamphetamine has on teeth. 

The pictures show young individuals, and the common trait amongst the pictures is rotten teeth. A drug like meth has a very negative impact on oral health. After months of drug abuse, a person who is 20 will likely have a mouth full of rotting teeth. Over a period of just a few months, drugs like cocaine and meth cause decades of tooth damage.

Which Drugs Cause Rotten Teeth?

Many people are under the impression that meth is the only drug that can cause serious teeth problems. However, studies show that most drugs can cause a rapid decline in oral health. Aside from meth, other drugs like heroin and cocaine can cause serious oral conditions. 

Ecstasy is yet another drug that has been shown to dramatically degrade oral health. Most of these drugs affect oral health the same way. However, meth, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin are certainly not the only drugs that can do serious damage to teeth. 

How Do These Drugs Cause Rotten Teeth?

Sadly, when using these drugs, the first part of the body that is affected is the mouth. People who use heroin are likely to neglect their teeth. Heroin addicts are also much more likely to develop periodontal disease, and they are more likely to have cavities along their gum line. 

Heroin causes a huge decrease in saliva, which means heroin users have less saliva that protects their teeth. The human body produces saliva to protect the mouth from food debris and acids, and saliva is also produced for better lubrication, which further reduces the chance of food debris sticking to teeth. 

People who use heroin are also much more likely to crave sugary, sweet foods. People who consume a larger amount of sweets are much more likely to suffer from tooth decay. Acids in cocaine erode tooth enamel and create a chemical mixture that is very harmful for teeth. 

Smoking cocaine causes all sorts of problems for teeth and gums. Ecstasy causes a person to grind their teeth, which erodes tooth enamel. These are just some of the ways that drug abuse causes rotten teeth. Anyone who wants to avoid rotten teeth should not use cocaine, meth, heroin, ecstasy or any other drugs.

Author Bio

Hayley is a drug counselor, author and blogger residing in Florida. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, visit

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Free Dental Equipment Giveaway – Get Free Diamond Burs

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Top 5 Must-Have Household Dental Tools

The dentist and his team exist to help fight dental disease by maintaining the health of their patient’s oral cavity. When a patient seeks the help of a dentist, the professional should do everything in his power provide proper prevention, corrective and therapeutic help. Whatever it is that the patient needs in order to maintain and restore oral health, will be given to him.

Within the dental clinic, the dentist and his team is in-charge of providing proper dental care. When the patient goes his own way, when he is at home, he holds the responsibility to take care of his teeth and gums. If he wants to be disease-free and he wants to maintain the beauty and quality of his smile, he will put importance to his oral hygiene practices.

There are some tools that will help a patient maintain good dental health. The following are five of the most important tools that you need:

  1. Basic oral dentrifice: The most basic oral dentrifice are the toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and mouthwash. You cannot take them separately because they should be part of everyone’s basic dental hygiene tools. If you want to maintain the health of your teeth and stay away from painful teeth cavities, you will need to always keep your teeth clean. First, you have to brush your teeth thoroughly, making sure to touch all the surfaces. Second, you need to floss to be able to liberate any food that got stuck in between teeth. Third, you should gargle mouthwash for a perfect finish.
  2. Tongue scraper and interdental cleaner: The hardest areas to clean in the mouth is the tongue and the spaces in between teeth. Food particles get stuck on the roughened surface of the tongue and in between teeth, and if you wish to clean these areas you will need a tongue scraper and a set of interdental brushes, respectively. The tongue scraper is a flexible band with teeth which you can draw across the surface of the teeth. With enough force you can trap collected food particles on the tongue to clean it.  The interdental brush is like a spiked toothpick that you can put through the proximal areas of the teeth. It has small bristles that can really clean the in between of the teeth.
  3. Waterpik: This is a pressurized machine that flushes water. It is easy to use and it  removes the need for you to mechanically poke in between teeth because the food particles that get stuck in between teeth can be liberated by using the waterpik.
  4. Tooth polishers: In the dental clinic, after teeth scaling and planning, the dentist will brush your teeth with a small rotary brush and then he will it off with by polishing the teeth surface using a rubberized material and pumice. At home, you can make a habit of polishing your teeth every after your finish brushing. There are teeth polishers that can be bought which attach to a rotary toothbrush, so you can get a clean, bright and shiny set of pearly whites.
  5. Dental mirror: Although the dental mirror may not seems as helpful as a dental tool , this small tool can be very useful. You can buy disposable mirrors or you can buy the same mirrors that the dentist uses in the clinic that are made of stainless steel. When you open your mouth in front of the natural mirror, you are able to see some things, but you are not given the whole picture. It is amazing what the dentist is able to see with a small mirror, but it is bent and shaped the way it is, so that it can fit into the proper areas of the mouth and be used to detect any problems.

Author Bio: Kevin works for Soin Dental. Like Chinadentalshop, Soin Dental is also an online store for dental equipment and instruments.

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Multi-Functional Teeth Whitening Accelerator Operation and Installation Manual

1. Introduction
1.1. Introduction of products
Dear customers,
Thanks for buying our company’s products, this product is a multifunctional teeth bleaching machine, it contains teeth bleaching, intra oral camera and 8inch monitor.
It makes the machine more useful and convenient.
1.2. Standard configuration
1.M-86 Teeth Whitening Accelerator1 piece
2. M-868A (Special for M-86) LCD1 piece
3  CF-986 intra oral camera1 piece
4. Teeth Whitening Accelerator’s foot stand1 piece
5. Teeth Whitening Accelerator’s remote control1 piece
6. camera 5pin cable(1.5M)1 piece
7. TF card+card converter+small white box+USB card reader1 set
8. 12V adaptor( white colour)1 piece
9.Goggles2 piece
10.Camera sleeves50 piece
11. Power supply1 piece
12.Mouth retractor1 piece
13. lampshade20 piece
14. Assembly Tool1 piece
15.Camera holder1 piece
16.AV cable1 piece
17.Disk( Manual inside)1 piece
1.3. Optional configuration
1, Wireless transmitter M-91B
2, Wireless receiver M-97B
3, Small screen M-99
1.4. Characteristic
1. Combines 8inch LCD monitor, teeth whitening machine and an intra oral camera. It’s a multi-functional all-in-one teeth whitening machine. .
2. High efficiency goose pipe design, adjust angle at random, convenient for use.
3. Combination of 4 pieces High power LED.
4. Tunable bleaching time with microprocessor-controlled timer presets.
5. High pixels for dental camera with built-in SD card, it can save the pictures permanently.
6. Convenient for dentist to make a contrast before and after treatment from the screen.
7. High sensitive infrared remote control function.
8. Small base size design, suitable use in dental clinic
9. Can upgrade to wireless and wired system
2. Function
2.1 8 inch LCD monitor Specification:
LCD size: 8 inch (Diagonal)
Driver element: a-Si TFT active matrix
Resolution: 640* 3(RGB) *480
Display mode: Normally white. Transmissive
Dot pitch: 0.0529(W)*0.1587(H)mm
Active area: 101.568(W)* 76.176(H) mm
Module size: 117.56(W) * 88.43(H) *5.7(D) mm
Surface treatment: Anti-Glare
Color arrangement: RGB-stripe
10. Interface: Digital
11. Backlight Power consumption: 1. 2000W (Typ.)
12. Panel Power consumption: 0.193(Typ.)
13. Weight: 175g
2.2 Teeth bleaching Specification:
Broad Spectrum: 420nm~472.5nm (Host lamps)
Light Output power: up to 2000Mw/CM2
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2 A for global use
Weight: 8 Kg
Max. Working Radius: 50cm
High Uniformity of light output
2.3 Intra oral camera Specification:
1.1/4 CMOS 1.3 MP
2.Video or USB output
3. High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance
4. Reliable light source with 6 pieces of white light LED
5. Compact Size, Easy to use and focus
6. 2 or 3 buttons control, can control previous picture, next picture, and delete picture from the cameras directly
7. 2 capture angles, display the clear images
8. Built in protection voltage
9. Camera with 512mb Micro TF card inside it, it can save more than 500 pictures.
3. Teeth bleaching operation

Multi-Functional Teeth Whitening Accelerator M-86
Remote control
Turn on the teeth Whitening Accelerator:
plug in the teeth whitening Accelerator
Turn on the power switch.
Warning: When overload, bulit-in fuse blows, teeth whitening accelerator will power off, after change the fuse, the teeth whitening accelerator will be in normal operating condition.
Operating the Teeth whitening Accelerator:
Start/ Stop Button: Turn on /off the light by pressing the “STOP/START “button.
Pause button: Stop the time counting and emitting light by pressing the “Pause” button, the remaining whitening time will sparkle on the digital indicator. Press the “Pause” button again, light will emit and time will count continually.
UP/Down Button: Use “UP” or “Down” button to set whitening time. 5 minute counting with memory , the longest whitening time is 30 minutes each cycle
3.2 Intra oral camera’s operation
A. The right side
1. Freeze/Power off        2.Save/ power on                5.Delete   6.M-99 insert
3. Check previous image   4,Check next image
Press option 1, Power on the camera; press option 2 for a longer time, power off the camera
Press option 1, freeze the image; press option 2, save image into SD card.
Press option 3, check the previous image
Press option 4, check the next image
Delete the image
M-99 small screen is an optional part
B. The back side
1.Freeze      2. Save
The Camera lens and the six LED light
Press option 1, Power on the camera; press option 2 for a longer time, power off the camera
Press option 1, freeze the image; press option 2, save image into SD card.
C. Side
Wired operation sketch map
A. Let the cable connect with camera
B. Let the MINI SD card insert into the camera
Notice: Please let the back of SD card insert into the camera.
D, Let another side connect with this machine
E. Use the camera
Press the Freeze button, the camera will be power on, After capture the image, press Save button , the images will be saved into Micro SD card, press the previous and next buttons, customers can check the images which has been captured by camera , Micro SD card can save 500 pictures. Press the switch button, LCD monitor will display the image between X-ray reader and intra oral camera. Press button 1 or 2 on camera, customers can check the captured images anytime. Press button 3, the image will be deleted.
F, Upgrade to wireless system
Connect the intra oral camera with wireless transmitter, and insert the wireless receiver as below picture.
Same as wired camera’s operation, press Freeze button, and the camera will be power on, after capture the image, press save button, the images can be saved in the SD card, and press the previous and next buttons, customers can check the images what had been captured by camera.
3.3 Assembly Instruction illustration
Warning: When this screw is loose, the spring will come out!
4. How to solve troubles
If there are some troubles of products, Please see below special case firstly. If still can’t be solved, please contact your local dealer.
Itemtrouble statesresolve methods
1the products can’t be startup when open (ON/OFF)switch) 1.check the power socket  if  it is ok
2.check the cable if it is connected
2computer or TV can’t reveal images1.check the connection between products and computer or TV if it is correct
2.check the Driver Setup if it is finished,
3in the process of use, the image will be a little blurryIf you use it in the first time, it belongs to natural reaction. It will be better later on
4freezing images then appears ditheringthe hand shakes when uses camera to capture image, when users are skillful for use products, the phenomena can be changed
5the images of computer or TV have spots1.check the screen if it has spot
2.check the lens if it has spot
3.if the spot can’t be cleaned, please contact the local dealer
5. Notice
Prior to installation and start-up of the unit, carefully read the instructions provided herein ,As with all technical devices, the proper function and safe operation of this unit depend on the users compliance with the safety recommendations presented in these operating instructions.
CAUTION: It is important to observe the following precautions:
Do not shine the light directly onto or toward unprotected gingival or skin.
B)  CAUTION: Persons with a history of photosensitivity or who are using photosensitizing drugs should not be exposed to light from this unit.
C)  CAUTION: This is equipment is not suitable for use in presence of flammable anesthetic mixtures with air or nitrous oxide.
D)  CAUTION: Please do not look into emitted light by the machine when it is in use or it will hurt your eyes. Please be sure to wear goggles.
E)  CAUTION: For the bend angle, please do not exceed 90 degree, or easily broken elbow, it may cause noise in the future.

learn more:Multi-Functional Teeth Whitening Accelerator M-86

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Tobacco and Teeth: A Bad Combination

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your body. It not only can lead to many life-threatening diseases like lung cancer, heart disease and emphysema; smoking can also damage your teeth. Cigarettes are not the only products that can lead to dental problems; all kinds of tobacco can damage your teeth including smokeless tobacco and cigars. Here are some of the dental issues you could face if you smoke or chew tobacco products.

Tooth Discoloration and Bad Breath

Smoking and chewing tobacco products can stain your teeth and make them look very yellow. If you use tobacco products long enough, your teeth will start to look very discolored and the stains can’t be removed by brushing. Smoking can also cause you to have really bad breath that others will notice.

Gum Disease

Smoking can really increase your risk of gum disease because it hampers with the normal function of gum tissue cells. If the gum disease is not found early enough, it can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Oral Cancer

Your chances of developing oral cancer go up when you smoke or chew tobacco products. If this cancer is not found early enough, it can be deadly. The scary part about oral cancer is that it can be difficult to detect in the early stages because it can look like a cold sore or ulcer. That is why it is important to see your dentist if you have any type of lesion in your mouth that does not heal within a couple of weeks.

As you can see, smoking can lead to a lot of unpleasant dental problems. It not only can make your teeth look discolored; it can also lead to dangerous diseases. Even if you have been smoking for over a decade, it is not too late to kick the habit. Quitting smoking can dramatically decrease your risk of developing gum disease, oral cancer and other dental problems.

If you are having trouble quitting, ask your doctor for help. He will likely recommend taking medication to calm your nicotine cravings. Some of these medications can be bought over the counter while others require a prescription. Your doctor might also suggest going to smoking cessation classes and support group meetings at your local hospital to kick your habit. If you are open to more alternative treatments, you also might want to consider acupuncture or hypnosis.

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MD950SDW Intraoral Camera Wired . Wireless SD Card User Guide

MD950SDW Wired . Wireless SD Card Intraoral Camera

1.Int roduct ion
1.1.Product i nt roduct ion(SD Card)
D ear cu stomer :
Thank  you  for  choosing  the  comp any ‘s  product s,  the  u se  of carefully b efore you read this brochure . combination of the product s is  the  comp any ‘s  u se  of  cameras  in  the  mouth ,  it  can  b e  u sed  for long-distance con sultation s within the clinic, brought to the dentist and the convenience, help r aise work efficiency.
1.2 .Standard fitt ings(SD Card)

1. 2GB SD Card               1piece
2 . AV Line                    1piece
3. YC Line                     1piece
4 . IR Line                    1piece
5. 5V/ 1.5A Adapt              1piece
6. Remote                      1piece
7 . Launcher (addition purchases)
8. Receiver (addition purchases)
1.3.Product characteristics(SD Card)
1. Mobile convenience
2. Link less
3. Simple operation
4. Storage quickly

3 .Inst ruct ions
1. Image capture  : Press memory button on SD card box or on remotec ontrol could capture . when viewing saved pictures or video, could pressm emory button back to dynamic image 2 . Page up :  Click UP button on SD card box or on remote control could page up or back to last video .
3. Page down :  When playb ack images or video, down i s turn down key, d own key no effect in the dynamic screen .
4 . Image delete :  Press delete button on SD card box or press clear button on remote control could delete image or video . during playb ack interface , dynamic screen click delete/clear button no effect . SD card no image or no video, the monitor will display no file .
5. Video recording:  On remote  control could record or display,(when y ou r ecord a video press rec/play key could stop), (when you r eplay video press rec/play key could pau se . or play), (b ack to dynamic image pls click memory key on SD card box  or on remote control .) .
6. Access folder : Press folder s button on remote control could enter save folder, during playb ack could enter to folder s option . in this interface, the memory key on SD card box or on remote control function is confirming op en button .
7 . Sy stem time : Press time set key on remote control could enter into  system time, when you are setting time, the memory key on remote  control will choose(hour·minute·second) . the UP k ey on remote  control is to add, the down key on remote control is to deduct . you could set different time a ccording  to different country, ( when you entering time set , press time set key i s confirming time ), it will be saved permanently by one time .

The article By published.

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