Drugs, Stimulants and Rotten Teeth

You can see them everywhere. Whether on the Internet, television or college campus, it’s easy to see the damage that drugs have on teeth. Some very popular pictures depict the effects that methamphetamine has on teeth. 

The pictures show young individuals, and the common trait amongst the pictures is rotten teeth. A drug like meth has a very negative impact on oral health. After months of drug abuse, a person who is 20 will likely have a mouth full of rotting teeth. Over a period of just a few months, drugs like cocaine and meth cause decades of tooth damage.

Which Drugs Cause Rotten Teeth?

Many people are under the impression that meth is the only drug that can cause serious teeth problems. However, studies show that most drugs can cause a rapid decline in oral health. Aside from meth, other drugs like heroin and cocaine can cause serious oral conditions. 

Ecstasy is yet another drug that has been shown to dramatically degrade oral health. Most of these drugs affect oral health the same way. However, meth, cocaine, ecstasy and heroin are certainly not the only drugs that can do serious damage to teeth. 

How Do These Drugs Cause Rotten Teeth?

Sadly, when using these drugs, the first part of the body that is affected is the mouth. People who use heroin are likely to neglect their teeth. Heroin addicts are also much more likely to develop periodontal disease, and they are more likely to have cavities along their gum line. 

Heroin causes a huge decrease in saliva, which means heroin users have less saliva that protects their teeth. The human body produces saliva to protect the mouth from food debris and acids, and saliva is also produced for better lubrication, which further reduces the chance of food debris sticking to teeth. 

People who use heroin are also much more likely to crave sugary, sweet foods. People who consume a larger amount of sweets are much more likely to suffer from tooth decay. Acids in cocaine erode tooth enamel and create a chemical mixture that is very harmful for teeth. 

Smoking cocaine causes all sorts of problems for teeth and gums. Ecstasy causes a person to grind their teeth, which erodes tooth enamel. These are just some of the ways that drug abuse causes rotten teeth. Anyone who wants to avoid rotten teeth should not use cocaine, meth, heroin, ecstasy or any other drugs.

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Hayley is a drug counselor, author and blogger residing in Florida. If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, visit http://www.addictiontreatmentrehab.com/.

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