In recent years, COXO COMPANY has got the customers' respect and the reputation by right of credit and quality, and has expanded the business to all over the world. Today, COXO COMPANY supplies intelligent control system, dental cold light, dental plastic, hardware, tubing and ceramic accessories to hundred factories on the world. COXO represents the latest DEEPBLUE series medical products to the customers: halogen curring light unit, LED curring light unit, Apex Locator. We will take the responsibility of creating constantly according to the customers’ requirements.

COXO COMPANY always cares about the stability and the safety of the medical instrument, the core components are supplied by famous international manufacturers, and we abide by all conditions of ISO quality management system scrupulously, design every product with high quality, high-tech and humanization.

From the small plastic accessory to the core control system, COXO COMPANY supply all kinds of dental products to meet the customers’ need. For the sake of satisfying our customers’ more, we declare again: COXO COMPANY commits himself to develop creative products and offer creative service, improve the customers’ class.

COXO COMPANY will cooperate with the customers for their renovation and improvement by our creative products and service constantly, we hope we will be vibrant partners on a more expansive stage.