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Shenghua Dental Curing Light BLUELIGHT Mini

The Bluelight mini LED Curing Light is to offer high quality, sophisticated technology in a tool that is simple to use.

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The Bluelight mini LED Curing Light is to offer high quality, sophisticated technology in a tool that is simple to use.


Designed for maximum efficiency

To maximize operator efficiency, the 3H BLUELIGHT mini light provides all of the features you want - without complicating it by adding
ones you might never use.
> Small, cordless wand-style light.
> Unique, ergonomic streamline.
> Light guide rotates 360° to help reach all areas of the mouth. Light guide geometry allows for easy intra-oral handling.
> Innovative design eliminates need for noisy fan and includes a switch-off option for beep signals for completely silent operation.
> Smooth, vent-free aluminum exterior allows fast disinfection between patients.
> Anti-glare protection shield rotates 360° to accommodate different techniques and indications.


Simple, intuitive operation

There really is no “learning curve” with the BLUELIGHT mini LED light.
It is designed for maximum simplicity - which is the key to intuitive operation.
> Simple two-button operation with one cure mode that covers all indications.
> Unique, multiple-setting light timer features easy push-button control to set timing intervals of 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds,
a continuous 120-second mode, and tack-cure mode.
> A unique tack-cure function allows predictable curing with reproducible short light pulses produced by simply keeping the start
button pressed. In comparison, the unpredictable light flashes produced by manually turning a light on and off can result in a longer, harder cure than desired.
> The tack-cure function makes removal of light-curing cement like Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement excesses easier and more predictable. For easier removal, excess is tack-cured to gel state.



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Technical Specifications
Power supply :       100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Size (in mm) :         228 x 146 x 146
Weight :                 0.92 kg


Light source :                    High-power 5W LED
Wavelength :                    430–480 nm with peak at 455 nm
Light Intensity :                 Ø 8 mm light guide, black > 1,300 mW/cm²
Fibreglass light guide :       Ø 8 mm, black, can be sterilised at 135° C
Size (in mm) :                   228 x 146 x 146 (excluding the fibreglass light guide)
Weight :                           0.92 kg
Power supply :                  Lithium-ion battery


Type :                               Lithium-ion battery (no memory effect)
Capacity (cure time) :        Approximately 60 minutes
Charging time :                 Approximately 2.5 hours
Size (in mm) :                   228 x 146 x 146
Warranty :                        1 year (excluding the fibreglass light guide)